Turnkey flats

Everything is ready – just move in.

To feel at home, all you have to do is unpack.

Feel at home right away.

You do not have to buy construction materials, negotiate with the renovation team or supervise the work of professionals. We will take care of everything. We cooperate with reliable subcontractors and the best architects in the city.

What is left to you?

All you need to do is pick one of our original interior design packages or the offer of our partners at LafHome. To feel at home, just unpack.

Natural style

Natural style is timeless and associated with the warmth of a family home. Dominating colours are white, beige and wood.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style delights with its simplicity of form and inspiration from natural elements. The characteristic colour scheme is white broken with black additions, such as lamps and accessories.

Industrial style

Characteristic colours for the industrial style are a combination of graphite, black and white. The industrial interior can be complemented with additions, such as brick, black stylish lamps or minimalist furniture.

Our priority is a flexible approach to each client. We try to adjust the project to the individual needs of each user. We also take care of the functional and aesthetic aspects and offer our experience in selecting finishing materials.

Patrycja Lorenc & Piotr Misiorny, Designers

What we can do for you?

Our team is at your service. They will support you during the whole purchasing process, advise you on financing and propose the most beneficial solution.


Do you need support in choosing a credit offer? Together, we will choose the most beneficial one.

Fruitful cooperation is based on trust which comes with time. The people we join forces with are top-class specialists who we can confidently recommend to our clients. So if you need help in completing the loan-related formalities or verification of a bank offer, our financial advisers are at your service. And it is completely free of charge.


We provide the best atmosphere of our cooperation.

We have prepared a special partnership programme consisting of 4 stages. Each of its elements has been ascribed points, which total value will be taken into account at the final stage of the flat purchase.

The list below presents possible areas of engagement and the obtained points correspond to a percentage discount in the costs of the final notarial contract.

Obtaining a mortgage loan with the assistance of a financial advisor cooperating with the Company

20 points

Recommendation of one of the investments carried out within the Group or reference to a recommendation from an existing client of the Company

35 points

Activity on company profile

1 point per entry

Positive assessment of your cooperation with the Company posted on the developer's Facebook profile or in Google Maps Konimpex-Invest

max. 30 points

In the case of obtaining 100 points, the costs of the final contract will be fully included in the price of the flat.
The buyer will not pay any costs of the notarial contract.

of real estate

Your flat is in good hands.

We have extensive experience in managing properties in Poznan, Konin and the surrounding area.

If you are looking for committed professionals who will take care of your flat as well as you do, we are at your service. We cooperate with numerous professionals whose advice in the field of construction, finance,
law and management always proves invaluable. We work with people who are always ready for the next challenge.

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